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Notice of Disclaimer

Redstone Resources Limited ('Redstone') has endeavoured to ensure that all information provided on the Redstone website (redstone.com.au) is accurate and up-to-date.

Redstone takes no responsibility for any error or omission relating to this information. None of Redstone, its related bodies, officers, employees and advisors makes or gives any representation, warranty or guarantee in relation to the information ('Information') provided on the website to the reader ('Recipient') of the website or any of its related bodies corporate, officers, employees and advisors.

Information is provided expressly on the basis that the Recipient will carry out their own independent inquiries regarding the Information and make their own independent decisions about the affairs, financial position or prospects of Redstone and/or seek independent advice when evaluating the accuracy and usefulness of the information contained on this website. No information contained on this site is intended as an investmant recommendation.

Redstone reserves the right to update, amend or supplement the Information at any time in its absolute discretion, without incurring any obligation to do so.